Delving into the world of psychological struggles, this album rides the narrow line between bright-eyed desire and grotesque obsession. White Widow’s visceral work “is all about taking the listener on a journey - often building layer upon layer in her songs, and slowly cranking up the emotion to a boiling point" (Muen Magazine).

“[White Widow is] so fucking raw and groovy that it scares the shit out of me."
- Sandra Bernhard,
  'I Love Being Me, Don’t You'

"[White Widow] exudes a ballsy, rock chick vibe and her music is infectious and mainstream-friendly.  You always get the feeling she is one step away from going over the edge, but she never does."
- Curve Magazine

"[A Psychological Thriller is] a dark and moving goth touched pop soundtrack, seducing out of shadows…romantic and heartbreaking song stories that tie together obsession, desire and dream with a voice that curls like smoke. A voice that cuts through the orchestrated melodics with a Karen O. smoothness, a PJ Harvey roughness, and a Kate Bush Mystique. Hitchcockian rock opera that moves between a Black Heart Procession melancholia and a Robert Smithed euphoria."
- The Big Takeover

"A Psychological Thriller is definitely one of the better albums I’ve heard all year."
- IndieMedia Magazine

[A Psychological Thriller] occupies a zone midpoint between Kate Bush and Martha Bates (Motels)...a marvelous half hour of concept cycling that enthralls, absorbs, saddens, uplifts, and caresses the ear and mind in a tale of deliquescing love.
- Acoustic Music Exchange

"White Widow's silent animation, A Psychological Thriller, is an eerie and erotic Serial Love Affair.…Most songs feel pulled from a 1980s fantasy flick. The penultimate track,“Something About Paradise” seems like it could easily be placed in Labyrinth without anyone noticing."
- Creators Project

"Grab a taste from the album with Miss You Bad, a propulsive, jerky slug of indie rock built around a killer synth riff and falling somewhere between Siouxsie & The Banshees and Sparks. You won’t know whether to dance or run for your life!"
- Mad Mackerel

White Widow's music has been featured on MTV, VH1, E! Entertainment Television, CBS, MTV UK and E4 (UK).


Miss You Bad (3:32)
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Serial Love Affair (3:23)
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